restorative beer

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Laughter (Victims)

A surly syntax
A tree surrounded by mirrors
A pride of lions, safe in numbers
I laughed at how it all fell down
Kids can be so cruel

And there it was,
stuffed in my locker
And that’s not all

i don’t care for 65daysofstatic or natasha bedingfield, but this is… well, just stick with it at least until the 2:00 mark.

wahluvy wahluvy wahluvy wahluvy wahluvy

William Basinski – Melancholia XIII

The Caretaker – I Feel as If I Might Be Vanishing

Speedy Ortiz – Taylor Swift

blood-shaking, clot-making viper that feeds on a mouse
poaching the eggs of the snakes that i slayed in the south

Helium – Lucy


Cass McCombs – Brighter! (feat. Karen Black)